Children of Lahijan is a charity organization that was established in January 2011 in memory of Ardeshir Farid by his family. The organization’s primary goal is to help provide basic means of living to the underprivilidged kids in Ardeshir’s home town of Lahijan, Iran.

Children of Lahijan is a transparent family run charity. We are not a registered charity organization

On August 19th,2012, Farhang will be competing in his first Ironman race in Mont Tremblant, QC. We would like to dedicate this race to celebrate Ardeshir’s memory and raise additional funds.

Our goal is to raise $ 3000, leading up to and during this event. For our 3rd campaign we have prepared an special “Children of Lahijan” T-Shirt (with a donation of $50 or more) designed by our good friend Atee Zolghadr.

Ardeshir Farid was a husband, father and a good friend. He was a scholar and an educator and dedicated many years of his life to teaching, writing and translating German literary works to Persian. Ardeshir had a profound love for children and truly believed that children are the future of peace, education and happiness.

All funds raised through our campaigns are distributed directly to families, schools and foster homes in Lahijan.

Children of Lahijan has had 2 fundraising campaigns in the last 2 years. In total we raised $6000 that was used toward providing basic means of living for 125 children in Lahijan.

In 2011 and during our first fundraising campaign, we raised $5000. This amount was used to purchase clothing for 103 students in Lahijan area. In 2012, we raised $1000 which was used to purchase clothing for 20 boys at “Nasir” Foster home in Lahijan.

Some pictures of the our last 2 campaigns can be found below:

Donations are accepted by cheque or through paypal.
Cheques can be mailed and payable to

Farhang Farid Modjtahedi/Children of Lahijan
1012-2119 Lake Shore Blvd. W
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M8V 4E8

To donate using paypal please click on the following link: